Should You Exercise in the Morning or Evening? Depends on Goals

Plug PattarinGetty Images According to a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Physiologythe time of day you work out can influence exercise-induced health and performance benefits, which vary across genders. For women, exercising in the morning reduced abdominal fat, decreased blood pressure, and improved lower-body muscle power. Evening exercise enhanced physical performance and … Read more

Run Strong Like Molly Barker, Girls on the Run Founder

In July 1993, Molly Barker went for a run. Going for a run wasn’t out of the ordinary for Barker, considering that she regularly finished Ironman triathlons—she excelled at the half Ironman distance, specifically, achieving a PR of 4:45. While a thunderstorm loomed in the distance, Barker knew that this run was different. The night … Read more

How Natosha Rogers Found Her Silver Lining in the Struggle

Almost 10 years after experiencing the heartbreak of missing a spot on the Olympic team, Natosha Rogers returned to Hayward Field as an athlete that’s been tested. In the last decade, the Denver, Colorado native considered leaving the sport more than once. Despite finishing second in the 10,000 meters at the 2012 Olympic Trials, Rogers, … Read more

What is VO2max?

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other cyclists? Measure your VO2 max. Also referred to as maximal oxygen uptake, VO2 max is widely considered the most accurate measurement of cardiovascular fitness. Measuring your VO2max can give you an inside look into your current fitness levels, helping you gauge the effectiveness of your … Read more

How Fitness Brands Support Everyday Athletes’ Mental Health

During the Tokyo Olympics last year, Simone Biles made a decision that seemed unconventional. She decided to forego an opportunity to win an Olympic gold medal to instead prioritize her mental health. After her withdrawal, Billes’s sponsors, including Athleta, showered her with support. Biles isn’t the only athlete who’s spoken out about her mental health … Read more

Run Training for Women – 5 Things We Learned From Neely Spence Gracey’s New Book

You’d expect a book about reaching big running goals to include training plans, nutrition advice, and pacing strategies. But tips on when to change your tampon on race day, whether you can pursue a personal-best and pregnancy at the same time, and balancing breastfeeding with long runs? Well, they’re not typically touched on by the … Read more

The Benefits of Berries Include Fiber and Fighting Inflammation

There’s a solid reason why everything from sour candies and cereals to antacids and energy gels come berry-flavored. It’s a crowd-pleasing, sweet flavor. But besides the undeniable deliciousness of artificially-flavored “berry” foods, the real deal is one of the best foods for runners. Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries—as well as their less-common but still-stellar … Read more