Medical marvel! Saliva-based DNA test could be key to weight management

Once known for only decoding hard-to-treat diseases like tuberculosis and cancer, DNA profiling is now helping people provide an insightful approach to a healthier lifestyle. Photo: iStock New Delhi:Radha (name changed), a 25-year-old techie from Bangalore, has been trying multiple fad diets to lose weight. But nothing seemed to work. A chance search on Google … Read more

Our relationship with food is broken – here’s how to fix it

The most common dietary concerns among parents of toddlers relate to quantity and quality: they fear that their children are not either eating enough or are eating the wrong things, says Sarah Almond Bushell. “Sometimes it’s volume, other times it’s variety. Some children have a limited range of accepted food and parents worry they won’t … Read more

5 Nutrition Myths People Still Believe In, Know What Is Right Or Wrong

5 Myths About Nutrition You Should Not Believe There are some long standing myths about nutrition that simply aren’t true, even though lots of people might still believe it. Know the truth for yourself! Written by Kinkini Gupta | Updated: August 5, 2022 1:02 PM IST Many people will have grown up hearing and believing … Read more

What Is Intuitive Eating? – AskMen

Everything You Need to Know About Intuitive Eating, The Anti-Diet Diet Tired of yo-yo dieting? Sick of obsessively counting your macros? Sometimes being focused on eating healthy becomes unhealthy. Intuitive eating is an approach that will have you ditting fad diets for good. “Intuitive eating is a practice that encourages you to tap into your … Read more

8 myths about diet, exercise and sleep | Health

Beliefs developed when young about what is or isn’t healthy can follow us for a lifetime, experts say. But what if those controls don’t hold up to scientific scrutiny? Here are eight assumptions about diet, exercise and sleep that fail to meet the sniff test. Myth No. 1: Popular diets are everywhere so they must … Read more

Should you try a plant-based protein diet?- The New Indian Express

By IANS NEW DELHI: Plant-based diets are becoming more popular for health and environmental reasons, as they include animal welfare. Those who follow this diet, frequently worry about getting enough protein, especially because there are several types of meat and dairy products that are high in protein. Lentils, almonds, and millets are all high in … Read more

The everyday foods sneaking salt into your diet – and 11 easy ways to cut down

So what went wrong, and how can we fix it? In the early Noughties, a nationwide program to slowly reduce the salt content in pre-prepared food sought to gradually wean us off our insatiable taste for sodium. And it worked. The Food Standards Agency had instructed the industry to cut the amount of salt they … Read more

Five Best Nutritionist Acing The Fitness Game In India

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Study finds higher protein intake during dieting leads to healthier eating

ANI | Updated: Jun 28, 2022 00:04 IST Washington [US]June 28 (ANI): According to a new Rutgers study, eating a larger proportion of protein while dieting helps to avoid the loss of lean body mass and also leads to better food choices.The findings of the study were published in the journal Obesity.An analysis of pooled … Read more