A prescription for health on the yoga mat | Lifestyles

PITTSBURGH — Dr. Natalie Gentile stands in an exercise studio in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, leading a workout class as soothing music plays and images of Pittsburgh flow on a massive screen. “Inhale, up dog, tops of the feet flat,” she says, confidently shepherding the students through yoga poses and strength exercises. The class this month … Read more

This US Place Is in the Best Shape — Physically, Not Fiscally

We all know that good physical fitness is important, but that’s often easier said than done. RunReviews, which reviews running products, pored through public data to measure which states are the most fit. The study used six metrics to compile its rankings: Number of gyms per 100,000 residents. National average: 12.3. · Percentage of adults … Read more

Our relationship with food is broken – here’s how to fix it

The most common dietary concerns among parents of toddlers relate to quantity and quality: they fear that their children are not either eating enough or are eating the wrong things, says Sarah Almond Bushell. “Sometimes it’s volume, other times it’s variety. Some children have a limited range of accepted food and parents worry they won’t … Read more

20 Questions: Carson and the Lady director Colm G Doran on never getting enough sleep and why life is too short for diets…

1 UP AND at it – what is your morning routine? A routine is pretty much non-existent. My brain is usually in ‘full swing’ into the wee small hours, as that’s when I have ideas for new writing or how to solve problems within the projects I’m working on, so I sleep late into the … Read more

11 of the most common diet myths, busted by Professor Tim Spector

‘The best way to lose weight, believe me, is to eat less,’ said Boris Johnson as he defended the Government’s food strategy after proposals for a salt and sugar tax were ignored. With that “believe me”, the Prime Minister hit a nerve for serial dieters: which parts of the vast smorgasbord of advice out there … Read more

Six ways millennials can adopt healthy eating habits

So if you too belong to Gen Y and are taking the first step toward a wholesome life then the following healthy eating habits can help you to perfect your journey to health Image for representational purpose only. Photo: istock The need to eat healthy food is very important today. Long working hours and sedentary … Read more

Lululemon launches workout hijabs, netting 5-star reviews from early purchasers – National

Lululemon has taken a big step towards inclusion in its athletic wear by introducing a new line of performance hijabs designed for working out and playing sports. Two workout hijabs have already been released and a third model is on the way later this year. The collection was launched on June 7, according to Women’s … Read more

Gym workouts may increase COVID-19 infection risk; here’s how to stay safe

article People run on treadmills at a New York Sports Club in Brooklyn, New York (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Previous studies have identified indoor group exercise as a situation where COVID-19 outbreaks can occur, but new research shows this can be exacerbated by the level of fitness intensity. In a study, published last month … Read more

Grant Lottering Fitbod Workout App Success | News

NORFOLK, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jun 17, 2022– UHSM Health Share, a faith-based health care nonprofit, connected partner Fitbod with Laureus Sport for Good and UHSM Ambassador, Grant Lottering for the USA, 2022 Im’Possible, extreme endurance cycle and tour along the Californian Mission Trail. Former professional athlete, international extreme endurance cyclist and motivational speaker Grant Lottering received a … Read more

Is intermittent fasting actually good for weight loss? Here’s what the evidence says

If you’re someone who’s thought about losing weight or has wanted to get healthier in the past few years, you’ve probably come across these two words: intermittent fasting. From celebrities to fitness enthusiasts, intermittent fasting has many thousands of loyal advocates online, claiming this way of eating has helped them lose weight better than other … Read more