5 Best Equipment Exercises to Lose Love Handles

The term ‘love handles’ refers to fat deposits on either side of the waist, above the hips. They are caused by fat build-up in the hips and abdomen. Love handles are not dangerous in themselves or anything to be embarrassed about. You don’t have to try and remove them if you don’t want to. However, … Read more

Eva Longoria Diet and Workout Routine That Helps Her Maintain Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Eva Longoria is an American actress who shot into the limelight with her role as Gabrielle Solis in the television show ‘Desperate Housewives’. She has also been part of several advertising campaigns for high-end brands and magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. During the 2000s, Longoria was consistently on lists such as “Hottest Female … Read more

Mindful eating and its importance in mental health

Mindful eating is a technique centered around mindfulness. Eating mindfully makes you more aware of your sensations, hunger levels, and more. The spiral in which you feel the need to control your body shape or size is nasty and will often come with hidden costs. The expense that dieting has on your physical and mental … Read more

What Machines to Use at Gym to Lose Belly Fat?

Along with affecting your appearance, abdominal obesity increases the risk of developing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and, worst of all, cancer. When trying to lose belly fat, there are a lot of machines in the gym to select from, making it difficult to decide which one to use. We should know the fallacies of … Read more

Emilia Clarke’s Diet and Exercise Routine

Emilia Clarke is best known for her role as the fiery Danaerys Targaryen in the wildly popular TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, which ran from 2011 to 2019, based on George RR Martin’s book. Clarke was one of the highest-paid actresses in the world in 2017, and she has been nominated for many awards. She … Read more

How Does Vegan Diet Improve Your Gut Health?

If you’re new to a vegan lifestyle or just curious about it, you may have some questions about how a vegan diet can improve your health, especially your gut. Veganism is an ethical lifestyle that promotes animal welfare, environmental protection, and a healthy diet. Vegans don’t eat meat, fish, poultry, eggs, honey, or any other … Read more

Zac Efron’s Diet and Workout Routine for Baywatch

Zac Efron is one of the most popular celebrities around. He has been a part of many successful movies and TV shows, but in 2016 he surprised everyone with a fabulous body in his ‘Baywatch’ role. Efron lost weight without sacrificing muscle mass, which is a major accomplishment. His diet and workout routine were instrumental … Read more

7 Ways To Increase Your Dopamine Levels Naturally And Improve Mental Health

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter – a chemical in the brain that sends signals between the brain and nerve cells. It is important for the proper functioning of motor skills and cognitive abilities. If your dopamine levels are not at an optimal level, you may be susceptible to various mental health illnesses. The neurotransmitter’s levels see … Read more

6 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Fat Loss

Losing fat is difficult. That’s why so many people turn to quick fixes, fad diets, and inefficient forms of exercise, which never work in the long term. If you want to lose fat, you need to make changes in your diet and exercise routine that are sustainable. So, how do you find effective exercises that … Read more

Our relationship with food is broken – here’s how to fix it

The most common dietary concerns among parents of toddlers relate to quantity and quality: they fear that their children are not either eating enough or are eating the wrong things, says Sarah Almond Bushell. “Sometimes it’s volume, other times it’s variety. Some children have a limited range of accepted food and parents worry they won’t … Read more