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A prescription for health on the yoga mat | Lifestyles

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ASCO Outlines Recommend Aerobic and Resistance Exercises for Patients Undergoing Active Cancer Treatment

Patients actively receiving cancer treatment are encouraged to engage in aerobic and resistance exercises to treatment-related toxicities and improve quality of life, according to a new guideline published by ASCO.1 The updated guideline follows a literature analysis of 52 reviews on the topics of exercise, death, and weight management, and results of 23 randomized clinical … Read more

You can’t outrun your fork; but that doesn’t mean exercise can’t help you lose weight or change your diet

Every January, millions of individuals make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or eat healthier, if not both. To achieve this goal, many individuals will begin strenuous exercise programs that incorporate too much exercise too soon, leading to fitness burnout or injury. Overtraining can actually prevent you from losing weight. As a health neuroscientist, I … Read more

Not just about burning calories

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You Can’t Exercise Your Way Out of an Unhealthy Diet

Share on PinterestEven if you exercise regularly, a new study finds that having an unhealthy diet can still increase your risk of several diseases and early death. Rob and Julia Campbell/Stocksy United New research finds you can’t outrun the effect of a poor diet by simply exercising more. Regular physical activity and good dietary habits … Read more

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