Useful Gym Machines for Women

Some women aren’t comfortable lifting free weights and barbells, but they still need to mix resistance training with cardio to get in optimal shape, says Robin Cortez, the San Diego-based director of team training for Chuze Fitness, which has clubs in California , Colorado and Arizona. An array of machines provide good alternatives for women … Read more

Hydration and Fueling Tips for Fitness

As a registered dietitian, board certified specialist in sports dietetics and sports dietitian for professional, collegiate, Olympic, high school and masters athletes, my role is to help them capitalize on hydration and fueling strategies to optimize performance. Whether you’re starting a fitness journey, trying to maintain fitness, working on altering body composition or summer conditioning, … Read more

8 myths about diet, exercise and sleep | Health

Beliefs developed when young about what is or isn’t healthy can follow us for a lifetime, experts say. But what if those controls don’t hold up to scientific scrutiny? Here are eight assumptions about diet, exercise and sleep that fail to meet the sniff test. Myth No. 1: Popular diets are everywhere so they must … Read more

The ’15-15-15′ Jennifer Aniston Workout Plan

These days, it seems every celebrity has a diet or workout protocol they recommend above all others. As one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood for years, Jennifer Aniston is no different; Recently, she’s been touting the benefits of the so-called 15-15-15 workout plan, or the Jennifer Aniston workout. And trainers say this approach is … Read more

How a Social Support Network Can Help You Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to stick with a behavior change over the long haul, whether it’s eating a healthier diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking or any of the countless ways people work to improve their health and wellness. (Getty Images) It can feel easy in the early days, when your motivation is … Read more

Swimming for Weight Loss | US News

Establishing an effective, sustainable exercise routine is a key component of any weight-loss strategy, says Russell F. Camhi, a primary care sports medicine physician at the Northwell Health Orthopedic Institute in Great Neck, New York. He’s head team physician at Hofstra University in Uniondale, New York, and an assistant professor at Hofstra/Northwell School of Medicine. … Read more

Get Moving for Senior Health and Fitness Day and Beyond | Healthiest Communities Health News

The events of the last two years uprooted many older adults’ health-related habits. Now, as we settle into new routines and adjust to a “new normal,” physical health should remain a top priority. According to a Tivity Health Pulse survey of SilverSneakers members in February, more than half of members (56%) reported walking, hiking or … Read more

How to Create a Custom Workout Plan

There are countless forms of exercise, from walking at a steady pace to high-intensity interval training for cardiorespiratory fitness, and from full-body circuit training to split routines that have you focus on specific muscle groups during each strength-training workout. Plus there are workouts to enhance balance, coordination, agility, speed and a long list of other … Read more

Online Personal Trainer: Pros and Cons

The internet has revolutionized virtually every industry, including the fitness industry. In recent years, the availability of training via online platforms has vastly increased. So how does online personal training stack up against in-person workouts? (Getty Images) This is a question a lot of folks have been asking in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, … Read more